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Study Shows Marriage Is More Beneficial For Men Than Being Single

A study has found that single men face more health issues than married ones.

Every bachelor thinks being single is pretty much like living on a cloud, while married guys make ghastly expressions every time they see a bachelor. To some, a world married the world full of cherubic pleasures while to others it is far more torturous than hell.

Believe it or not, but a recent study conducted by the Institute of Family Studies found that married men are actually happier, richer and healthier compared to single guys. Ahhaa!! The research, which was a collaboration by the London School of Economics, the University College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, suggests that men who are single suffer more adverse health effects than unmarried females. The report is actually compiled from various studies that are all set to debunk the ball and chain myth.

Some (lucky) bachelors consider having fun as getting laid twice a week and having weekends booze parties, whilst getting married sounds more like getting into a prison? Well, science suggests a rather different opinion. Research shows married men are living the life most single men dream of! Married men are happier, healthier, wealthier, and having a great love life, according to the latest research. Don’t believe us? Here are the stats that show why marriage is important for single guys.

Married men earn 10 to 40% more than single men

Countless studies conducted both in the United States and abroad, show that for multiple reasons, married men make more money than bachelors do. The report suggests that “Married men typically work harder, smarter, and more successfully. They are less likely to be fired and they make about $16,000 more than their single peers with otherwise similar backgrounds.” This is a “marriage premium” which can be seen in the bank account of all married guys. Maybe the research should also acknowledge the hard-working smart woman who wisely kept her husband on track.marriage-1

Not only do married men earn 10 to 40% more than single men, but also the average married man accumulates three times as many possessions than his single peers. So, guys, it seems like marriage is magic! That is, of course, as long as you don’t get divorced – which is a very different story.



Married men have better intimate relationships

The General Social Survey reports that single men tend to have a lot less intimate encounters when compared to married men or those who are living with their partners. Apparently, 54% married men say they are extremely satisfied with their lives in the bedroom, compared to 44% of men who are in shared living relationships, and 43% of single guys who get some twice weekly. Ever wondered why? Well, according to the researchers, greater intimacy comes only when you are committed to someone with whom you want to spend your life forever, and since women are more demanding in having love as a key requirement for a good intimate life, it simultaneously boosts male satisfaction when they know their partner is in it for the long haul.

only 43% of single men, aged 20-39, are getting intimate twice weekly, compared to 44% of cohabiting men, and 54% of married men.

Married men are not only physically and emotionally healthier but also live longer than single men


Men who stay married live about a decade longer than single men. It’s only because you have a companion, the love of your life, who keep an eye on your well being and encourage you to have a healthier lifestyle. This type of support system not only affects your physical well being but your mental health too. Studies encapsulate -“the companionship, the support, and even the nagging that men get from their wives in marriage translate into better physical health.”

So, it sounds like if you guys want to live and long, happy and healthy life, you better start looking for your soulmate.

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