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Little Hacks For Getting Transition Started

These little tips will help your military service spouse in transition.

Every year millions of military service members transition out of active duty. And those who are among them knows very well how stressful and scary the process the is!  You will always be his better half because you know what’s better for him and what motivates him at his best.

We have come up with some tips that will surely help the military spouse to help their partners in moving on.

1. Be prepared for hard labor.

Everybody knows that looking for a job is seriously a tough job. It’s a time taking the process that demands patience and continues the effort. You are the one who has to encourage your husband in spite of knowing that how stressful the job market is. Start for job search as early as possible. And you have to help him at every little step, from making the resume to following up by phone because this his going to be his first time.

2. Start planning early!

The sooner you can start thinking about a job search, the better it is. Even the luckiest job seekers on this earth know that planning is the key factor to success. And military spouses are quite habitual from balancing PCS moves to getting kids into DEERS. They understand the importance of little organization solves a great problem in a long way. Plan accordingly where you want to be in next 10 years. Try this quick exercise, it may help you finding your need.

3. Get it while the getting’s good.

Keep a plan B ready while your family is still active duty.  And military spouses have severals ways to help their spouse in job hunting. For employment, resources click here. Resources like employment office are helpful in such process.

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4. Get yourself known on social media.

In addition to the resources available, the Internet can also function as a  great tool to launch a transition job search. In today’s professional environment social media is a powerful tool to get yourself known and partly entertaining too. A number of hiring professionals are now using Facebook, LinkedIn and other professional networking sites like’s to scrutinize and recruit the potential candidate.  Take a quick look at our professional search that will help you to make use of Internet in the best way.

5. Never assume networking is begging.

Once you are done with making a profile and running online starts reaching out and connect with people who can possibly help you in connecting future employers, mentors or advisers. Networking online is as real as connecting someone physically. Getting through with networking can be a great way to relieve the pressure your spouse feels as he launches his own civilian job search. Networking is something all military wife has done during his service period and knows how to use it well. And now it’s time to teach the same to your man.

If you are having trouble muffling your mind around networking, here is a guide on how to get started that can help both of you through the transition.

6. Move where you can find jobs.

Another important step of networking successfully is appealing in the best way to people who can actually help you, especially to those who can help you wherever you plan to move next. Relocate to places where there is the best possibility to find the job. Take the risk and just do it.

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7. Family’s faith is a big part of a transition.

Irrespective of whatever kind of job situation your family has, the process of transition can be a trying one.Often being unemployed is a huge culture shock. It’s equally ego blow for them, who have served in the military and now struggling for a job. It’s the time when you both need to stay positive and get tangible goals to keep the spirit moving. Make sure that everyone is ready for the transition because it is the fundamental part of making the move successful.

In order to make your family this game of transition and the job search, make sure you read the tips for keeping your spirits up during a job hunt.

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And don’t forget to keep boosting his confidence and be his role model. Show him how to do things that you have been doing all this alone.

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