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How To Keep Yourself Busy As A Military Wife

Deployment is common in every military family. Hence, it is never as easy as someone thinks it could be. So when you’re having a difficult time adjusting to your current situation since your military family member has been deployed, don’t worry because it’s damn normal. However, you surely want to do something to ease the pain or the heartache everyone in the family feels after someone has left.

You know that he is doing something heroic for the country but deployment can still put a strain on your physical and emotional health. Keeping yourself – just like everyone else in the family – active with deployment ideas for military families can help you overcome the time you and your loved one have to be apart.

With that in mind, we have thought of suggesting the following family ideas and activities that will help you pass the time and deal with longingness and even separation anxiety.

Clean your home.

Cleaning your home after your spouse deploys will keep your mind off him being gone as well as give yourself a sense of pride and satisfaction. Being able to accomplish tasks, such as general cleaning, will make you feel as though you can handle things at home accordingly while he is away.

Organize and declutter.

Cleaning is non-sense if you still keep hold of those things that should be let go. If you have clutter that has accumulated, think of deployment as extra time to organize. This project can take you anywhere from a day to a month, or more. While it may not sound fun, think about how great you will feel that you’ve gotten rid of so much stuff that you didn’t need while not noticing the time has passed and he’d soon come home. Now you hit two birds with one stone.

Rearrange fixture and furniture.

If after your loved one leaves you sit around imagining him all around you, it may help a lot if you try to rearrange the furniture in various parts of the house. This way, it will be harder to picture him and you sitting on the couch in front of the television cuddling since the couch is in a different location. It all makes sense, right?

Execute a Do-It-Yourself project.

Look around your home and think of some things you would like to change or alter. You can paint walls for a brand new look, change wallpaper, put a border up in a room, or something else to surprise your service member when he comes home.

You may also opt to try some DIY life hacks to come up with a project that is handcrafted out of something that seems to be worthless and useless. Each project can transform something ordinary to a handful of beautiful and nifty stuffs.

Set a schedule of activities.

Another way to stay busy is to make a list of things you need and want to do, and make a schedule to get them done. Scheduling is the process by which you plan how you’ll use your time. Doing it well can maximize your effectiveness and reduce your stress levels.

Time is of the essence especially during these times when you still want to do more productive things than sitting on the couch and just wait for him to finally come home.

Go out and date your loved ones and friends.

It’s always nice to meet new friends to widen your networks or circle of acquaintances. Also, reuniting with your old friends is a good idea. You may have neglected some of them due to your very busy lifestyle and hanging out with them certainly breaks the ice and give you a breath of fresh air.

So if you’ve been anticipating your loved one deploying, so now is the time to meet up with your loved ones and friends. Not only will they be a great source of support, but they will also show you a good time so you can get your mind off being separated from your service member spouse.

Try new things you’ve never done before.

YOLO – you only live once so trying out something new makes a huge difference in your life. If you have a difficult time filling your schedule, try out new things in your community. Travel alone, take a class, volunteer, become involved in a church or participate in fun local activities. These new activities will keep you busy and you’ll meet new people, not to mention the perks of being able to prove yourself your worth and what else you can do.

See, you can always find a way to survive deployment. We hope all these things are able to be of great help and you can finally start keeping yourself busy so as not to miss your better half that much.


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